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Dick Beiter, Father of Tom Beiter, the first TRRC Client

 Helen and John,


Just saw your recent issue of Hoofprints [2015 Fall]. Your personal imprint on this special operation and your "helpers" is UN-mistakable and continuously remarkable. You have the gift of true leadership in this world.   Your vocation, and its program, is just getting better and better. I have tried, in my own limited way, to keep improving the various programs/ministries in which I work. In my 78 years of experience, the vast majority of people are content to maintain the status quo. ["I hate change"  is a universal human trait in everything around us!] It's a challenge, and also a sign of your special virtue, to find and make changes for the "better" at TRRC. You two have been doing that, throughout many years since 1983.  Don't stop.  It's truly a great accomplishment.May the good Lord continue to bless your work.  


Best wishes.  R.Beiter  

Jason Ehrhart

Wounded Warrior

Watch Jason Ehrhart discuss the impact that TRRC has had on his recovery from his injuries from his service in Iraq. Click the image to see the video.

Christopher Pinos

"Please know that having Christopher involved TRRC's equestrian program has been the best experience for Napoleon and me.  We have witnessed Christopher develop independence, self awareness, defense mechanisms and an overall awareness of his surroundings as he progresses in equestrian practices and events.  His social skills have definitely developed as the coaches are so in-tune to their assigned athlete.  We truly are appreciative to the wonderful socialization opportunities TRRC offers to the parents and athletes.  Dr. Tuel is wonderful!"


Sincerely, Napoleon, Linda and Christopher Pinos

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