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Help Bring Joy and Healing
to a Brave Little Lady
Fighting Cancer



To members/neighbors of our Central MD Communities,                 

We, The Therapeutic Recreational Riding Center (TRRC) and Children Matter-Therapy 4 Kids are reaching out to you on behalf of an incredibly courageous young lady, Saige, who is facing a difficult battle against stage 4 brain cancer. At just 8 years old, she has already shown remarkable strength and resilience in her journey thus far. In June 2022, Saige underwent surgery to remove a portion of the tumor with follow up treatment, but the road to recovery is long and challenging. During the surgical procedure she also suffered a skull fracture. She currently receives traditional (clinic based) occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT) on a weekly basis to address her left-sided fine and gross motor deficits. She also has residual cognitive impairments.

While these therapies are crucial to her rehabilitation, we believe that additional support is needed to provide her with the best possible care and quality of life. That's why we are reaching out to compassionate individuals like you. We are seeking funding to allow, Saige, the opportunity to receive non-traditional therapy services using equine partnership.  Equine therapy has been shown to be highly effective in improving motor skills, balance, stability, endurance, postural alignment, whole body symmetry, sensory awareness and coordination in individuals with neurological conditions, such as brain cancer. Beyond its therapeutic benefits, interacting with horses can also bring immense joy and comfort to patients and their families during challenging times.

By supporting Saige's participation in equine therapy, you would not only be contributing to her ongoing physical rehabilitation but also providing her with a non-traditional treatment that brings a different kind of physical and emotional healing, moments of happiness and respite from the difficulties of her illness. While adding supplemental non -traditional therapeutic intervention for 12 weeks, Saige will have a window of opportunity to gain various physical and emotional skills through the utilization of equine movement and engagement of almost all body systems. Your generosity would make a tangible difference in her life and bring hope to her family during this trying time. We understand that times are tough for many, but any contribution, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated and 100% of the funds will go directly towards covering the costs of Saige’s equine therapy sessions. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the life of this brave young lady and her family. Thank you for considering this request. Your kindness and support are truly invaluable. You may contact either Dr. Tuel or April R.Odendahl, directly to discuss your generous (tax deductible) offering. Help us reach our goal of $2,500!!



With grateful hearts,

Dr. Helen Tuel   5/18/2024

410 489 5100

Dr. Helen Tuel, Founder of The Therapeutic Recreational Riding Center (TRRC)


April R.Odendahl, OT/L   5/18/2024

443 618 0208

April R. Odendahl, OT/L Owner and Private Practitioner of Children Matter-Therapy 4 Kids, LLC

$100 raised out of $2,500

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